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Osteoarthritis Specialist

Kiran Farheen, MD

Board-Certified Rheumatologist & Internist located in Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza, Katy, TX

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, results from wear and tear on your joints over time that can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling. In Katy, Texas, board-certified rheumatologist Kiran Farheen, MD, helps you manage your symptoms through medication and lifestyle changes. To get control over your osteoarthritis and improve your quality of life, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.


What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative arthritis, is the most common form of arthritis, a group of conditions that cause joint inflammation. Healthy joints are surrounded by cartilage, flexible tissue that cushions and protects the ends of your bones. Osteoarthritis results when this cartilage breaks down over time, leading to symptoms that may include:

  • Stiff, painful joints
  • Bone spurs (hard lumps of bone that grow near affected joints)
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Warmth and tenderness in affected joints
  • Clicking, crackling sounds when you move affected joints
  • Soreness after inactivity or overuse

Osteoarthritis most commonly affects joints in your hands, fingers, and spine, as well as joints responsible for bearing your weight, like those in your hips, knees, and feet. If you have osteoarthritis, the swelling, stiffness, and pain can make everyday tasks difficult or impossible.

As a progressive disease, the symptoms of osteoarthritis usually develop slowly without noticeable effects at first, and get worse over time, especially if left untreated.

Who is at risk of developing osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can affect anyone, regardless of age or gender, but you’re more likely to develop the condition if you have the following risk factors:


  • Genetics: If you have a family member with osteoarthritis, you’re more likely to get it
  • Obesity: Being obese requires your knees, hips, spine, and feet to bear more weight
  • Injury: If you’ve seriously injured your knees or spine, or broken a bone near a joint, you may be more likely to develop osteoarthritis in that area
  • Occupation: If you work a job that places repetitive stress on your joints, this can accelerate the process of wear and tear that leads to osteoarthritis
  • Gender and age: Osteoarthritis is more common in women than men and more prevalent after age 40

Osteoarthritis often occurs alongside other health concerns, including rheumatoid arthritis.

How is osteoarthritis treated?

Though there’s no way to reverse the bodily process that causes osteoarthritis, treatment with Dr. Farheen can stop the condition from progressing further and help you manage your symptoms.

Dr. Farheen takes an individualized approach based on your unique situation, but in general may recommend:

  • Lifestyle changes to lose excess weight and reduce stress on your joints
  • Exercises to reduce stiffness and strengthen your muscles, stabilizing your joints
  • Pain medications to reduce the intensity of symptoms
  • Assistive devices to help you perform everyday activities in ways that put less stress on your joints

Osteoarthritis doesn’t have to stop you from leading a full, active life. Call Kiran Farheen, MD or schedule an appointment online today.